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Many real estate agents are sales people, very few are consultants. They are looking for a paycheck today not to advise you to wait. They may guide you to great properties but probably towards Idaho MLS listings they want you to buy.

What you need to know is you have to be your own advocate. You have to make the final decision and while having a great Idaho Real Estate agent is invaluable, don't believe everything you hear. You also have to liten to your gut. IS your agent really trying to help you find a dream home that is exactly what you want at the price you want to pay? Most agents have loyalty to their brokerage, a builder or are more comfortable in a certain area, consciously or unconsciously.

Some are great though! They are looking to do a great job because they want you to be satisfied with their services and they want referrals, mush less that in say 5 to 7 years you will call them to say you need another home. Finding a great agent is a necessity. Someone who has insider knowledge of homes coming on the market, understand how to negotiate the deal and is able to do all the pieces and parts including home inspections and contracts.

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