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There is no excuse to have an ugly house. There are dozens of Builders and Drafting Designers who are all hungry and working for less than ever before. You could have gotten the best advice available.

In today's real estate market, there is no reason to have a house with low quality materials and labor. The market is very competitive and builders are anxious to find home buyers. You can now afford more home than in years. You can find a great drafting designer to create a blue print. You can find a builder who is looking forward to building. You can even get higher quality materials and upgrades and competitive priceing, a commodity is priced at market value. You can even find trades who need the work just to pay employees.

Unless you are building a home just to build, you have access to the best of everything. Retail building Lot prices are now affordable, assuming you can afford to build a new home. Trades are working for wages that just keep them in business, until the market returns or a few competitors go out of business. Retail stores are pricing their goods with tight mark-ups because they too would rather just get teh sale then loose the business.

The Boise Realtors and Idaho home builders will tell, now is the time to build a new home. And while there is a lot of truth to that keep in mind one thing. If you are building a home that you will live in for years to come than it probably is. If you are looking for an investment, check out the distressed property on hte market.

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Trey Langord

Posted by tlangford at 9/26/2011 2:23:00 PM
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