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According to Realtor.com- Boise is a Top 15 where listings are rebounding- Or is it?

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Boise ranked #13. Average list price: $212,588, Year-over-year increase: 10.43%? What does this mean?

I always get frustrated with reports like this because there is another one that will give you the opposite response by tomorrow. Besides that, another 'expert' will explain what it really means and why it is irrelevant. For example, it may be that the banks had fewer distressed property on the market that closed so prices are up? My answer- it does not matter what the market is doing, if you don't need a home.

If you do need to buy a home for sale in Boise Idaho, do you homework. Even then, it does not matter what the market is doing, if you need a home. Of course if you just need short term housing, renting may be the answer or if you expect the price of a home to drop by more than you would save by waiting.

If you are purchasing a home as an investment, be prepared to lose money. If you are purchaing a home to live in for the years to come, then it does not matter? What, you would rather rent a home and have roomates on the other side of teh wall?


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