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At the height of the market there were hundred of builders in Idaho building and meeting the demand for new homes. Today only the strongest have survived. These builders either have the financial strength to build or have developed a product that prospective home buyers actually want! Who are Southern Idaho's Top Producing Builders? Find out now

2010 Top Producing Southern Idaho Home Builders

Idaho Builder

Idaho Registered Builder License # Office Location 2010 Total Building Permits
CBH Homes RCE-923 Meridian 348
Hubble Homes LLC RCE-49 Meridian 86
HFS Homes RCE-28246 Meridian 78
Boise Hunter Homes  RCE-19806 Eagle 66
Coleman Homes RCE-26249 Meridian 66
Brighton Homes   Boise 49
Tahoe Homes RCE-452 Eagle 46
Wolverton Homes RCE-364 Twin Falls 44
DR Horton RCE-5512 Nampa 42
Rockwell Develpment Idaho Falls 42
TKO Custom Homes RCE-336 Twin Falls 30
Clyde Dev RCE-689 Meridian 29
Ted Mason Signature Homes RCE-126 Boise 27
Hayden Homes RCE-29144 Redmond 23
Paradigm Const RCE-832 Eagle 23
Shay Higley Const Ammon 22
Berkley Building  Boise 20
Fall Creek Homes Idaho Falls 20
Syringa Construction RCE-517 Boise 19
Stetson Homes  RCE-899 Eagle 19
Eaglewood Homes RCE-7294 Meridian 19
Jayo Const RCE-2103 Boise 18
James Ray Const RCE-2551 Kimberly 18
Wood River Builders RCE-22208 Boise 18
Hunter Homes RCE-813 Eagle 17
Old Mill Homes Idaho Falls 17
Ninety Degree Const RCE-28340 Boise 15
Tradition Custom Homes RCE-732 Middleton 13
Tresidio Homes Meridian 13
Triple Crown Const RCE-7858 Meridian 13
Perryman Const RCT-29003 Meridian 13
Horton Homes RCT-4881 Nampa 13
GE Johnson   Greenwood Vlg 11
KUB Homes RCE-24376 Meridian 11
Higley Developments Idaho Falls 11
Timberhawk Building System Rexburg 11
Tradewinds General Contracting RCE-36 Boise 10
Stacy Const RCE-2291 Boise 10
Prestige Homes  RCE-454 Boise 9
Cotner Building Co RCE-1042 Meridian 9
Josh Hazen Const RCT-28759 Twin Falls 9
Envision Homes Meridian 8
Westminster Homes RCE-1661 Eagle 8
Roth Homes RCE-2486 Eagle 8
Lance Lebaron RCE-5579 Twin Falls 8
Blackstead Builders RCE-500 Boise 8
Red Oak Dev RCE-483 Eagle 8
Armada Homes RCE-18452 Meridian 8
BrunoBuilt Inc RCE-242 Eagle 7
Josh Ruf RCE-1816 Hansen 7
Flynner Homes RCE-1149 Boise 7
Modern Construction RCT-26407 Kimberly 7
Kartchner Homes Idaho Falls 7
Moose Creek Homes RCE3047 Rigby 7
Highland Homes LLC RCE-1736 Eagle 6
Pinetop Custom Homes RCE-28245 Mccall 6
Hallmark Homes RCE-2239 Meridian 6
Seidl Homes Boise 6
Asbury Company RCE-28510 Meridian 6
Doug Lasher Const RCE-514 Meridian 5
Zach Evans Const RCE-632 Eagle 5
Canyon Crest Homes RCE-3224 Boise 5
Superior Home Solutions RCE-28628 Nampa 5
The Marrs Co RCE-225 Eagle 5
Treasured Home Builders McCall 5
Robnett Properties Eagle 5
Parkcrest Homes RCE-8517 Star 5
Solitude Homes RCE-22662 Garden City 4
Shadow Mountain Const RCE-1844 Eagle 4
Moffat Homes Eagle 4
Crocker Building Co RCE-525 Boise 4
Eric Evans Const RCE-240 Meridian 4
Creekside Custom Homes RCE-3151 Eagle 4
Jordan Homes RCE-464 Eagle 4
Amyx Signature Homes RCE-366 Boise 4
I&E Const   Clackamas 4
Westbank Const Jackson 3
Conrad Brothers RCE-376 Hailey 3
Northern Const RCE-659 Eagle 3
Christensen Homes RCT-20603 Meridian 3
Double L Ranch Baltimore 3
John Flaherty Const RCE-2424 Meridian 3
Envision 360 RCE-28919 Meridian 3
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