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We always say that new homes are way cooler that used homes. The homes of tomorrow are already on the drawing boards and nothing like the places you grew up in. Today's homes have new materials and more and better technologies. Builders are re-shaping the way we design and build new homes. Floor plans are also adapting to modern folks' lifestyle. Here are some of the latest trends in home design.

Green/ Earth-Friendly Home Design

Idaho Green HomesYou may have noiced that the whole green movement is getting some real traction. Home design has gained increased sensitivity to the environment. Drafting- Designers, Architects and engineers are trying to get smarter about how homes are designed. From the direction they face to placing windows in better location, new homes are better designed for sustainability and eficiency. It is about combining technology, materials and fashion.

"Prefab" Home Design

This trend has not hit Boise yet but across the country factory made prefabricated homes have gotten the eye of many home owners, including high end homes. Hey, they don't make cars one at a time. Why not build a home in a factory and assemble it on site? These homes have come a long way frrom trailer park homes. It mahy not work for a custom home and it works best for a home to be built repeatedly, but ask your builder about the savings Prefabricated, manufactured and modular housing comes in all shapes and styles. You can also search online and have a home delivered to Boise. Did you know that one of the largest home manufacturers in America is based right in Boise- Guerdons.

Adaptive Reuse in Home Design

A new home does not have to be entirely entirely new. Another trend to protect the environment and to preserve historic architecture is inspiring architects to repurpose, or re-use, older structures. Common practice in new construction for example is to use wood from an old barn. Why try to build an old look when the farmer down the road has an old barn?

Healthy Home Design

Some old homes can literally make you sick. Even new homes can have that "new homes smell" which is actually not all that good for you. Home designers are becoming increasingly aware of the ways our health is affected by synthetic materials and the chemical additives used in paints and composition wood products. The most innovative homes aren't necessarily the most unusual; they are the homes constructed without relying on plastics, laminates, and fume-producing glues. So the next time you go in a new home and smell the new homes smell remember that what you are smelling is not all that good for you and can stay in the house for years to come in the air.

Universal Design or Agin in Place

As we age our, we develop mobility issues. Changing lifestyles calls for different accomodations. Everything from the Master bathroom to the Kitchen to the garage entry must be designed to accomodate walkers and other challenges for the elderly. Remember the statistics of how many people are reaching retirement age every day in America. Forget the spiral staircases, sunken living rooms, and high cabinets.

The homes of tomorrow will be easy to move around in, even if you or members of your family have physical limitations. Architects often use the phrase "universal design" to describe these homes because they are comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. Special features such as wide hallways blend seamlessly into the design so that the home does not have the clinical appearance of a hospital or nursing facility.

Outdoor Lifestyle in Home Design

Idaho Outdoor Lifestyle Homes by Boise BuildersLately there has been an increased interest in outdoor spaces. This includes dourtyards in the middle of hte home, covered patios off the back of the house and amenities like fire pits or grills built into the patio. Also, yards are part of the the floor plan with gardens and quiet spots for relaxing.

Abundant Storage in Home Design

Homeowners are demanding more storage space. Idaho' New Homes for Sale feature enormous walk-in closets, spacious dressing rooms, and plenty of easy-to-reach built-in cabinets. Cathedral ceilings are becoming passé because families tend to prefer usable space below the roof. Garages are also getting bigger to accommodate the ever-popular SUVs and other large vehicles. Plus you can customize the garage with shelves and over-head storage.

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