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Builder references are a great way to confirm your builder is credible but sometimes you may want to dig a little deeper. Here are some tips to see how clients really think of their home.

Boise Idaho Home BuildersYou can call the builders clients they have given you or you can search a little deeper for a more meaningful testimonial and feedback. One thing to do is if the subdivision you are building in has other homes by the builder, go and meet the other home owners.

You may be thinking I don't want to intrude or isn't that rude? My experience is that people are more than willing to share feedback bout their home and builder. They probably love their home but most have deep feelings about the builder that they would love to share with you. Most owners of nw homes have a lot of pride, especially if it is acustom home. This may be why they are so willing to share.

A second option is to ask your Idaho Realtor® to find existing homes for sale by the builder. While you may not be able to meet the home owner, you can inspect a home to determine the level of quality and craftsmanship in the home.

Many times people recommend visiting a jobsite to talk to sub-contractors. First, be aware that there are rules for going on a jobsite, like a hard hat, and secondly, it is not in the best interest of a sub-contractor to give a bad referral. First it would reflect badly on themselves, working for someone they would not recommend? Secondly, why would they put themselves out of a job? Giving a bad reference for the buidler would only lend themselves to a pink slip.

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