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Part 1 - It's all about the structured wiring!

Part 1 - Structured Wiring

Boise Idaho Structuted WringSo you’re thinking of building a new home in Boise Idaho and want to make sure that it’s wired in a way that will set you up for the technology you currently have as well as the technology you will have in the future.  The wiring you are thinking of is called low voltage or “Structured Wiring”.  The structured wiring system in your home consists of coax and cat.5e cables and is the system that all of your cable and satellite TV, telephone, and home networking will operate on. 

Before you start the build process, be sure to talk to your idaho home builder about who is installing the structured wiring.   Will it be an electrician or a low voltage custom integrator?  Or do you need to find your own custom integrator?  Whether you find your own or use your builders, be sure to ask for references and pictures so that you know your integrator is a quality contractor.   Although an electrician may be perfectly capable of wiring your home for cable TV and phone lines, they may not be the best choice.  A better choice would be a low voltage custom integrator.  A custom integrator specializes in structured wiring systems and home technology and can ensure that your structured wiring meets your needs now as well as in the future.  A custom integrator is also the one who installs the product that operates on the structured wiring system so it makes perfect sense that they are the ones installing the infrastructure.

As we all know, underneath any good home is a strong foundation.  The same goes for the technology in your home and the structured wiring is that foundation.  A well designed system will allow you to use all the current technology you have in your home as well as grow into new technology in the future.  The Consumer Electronics Association has developed a wonderful set of standards and guidelines for structured wiring called the Tech Home Rating System.  The Tech Home Rating System has 3 levels of certification based on the amount and types of wiring in your home – Bronze, Gold, & Platinum.  A free set of guidelines can be found here - http://bit.ly/8Je57o .    

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Posted by InfiniteBoise at 10/25/2011 10:55:00 PM
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Re:Starting New - How should my new home be wired?
This will be a great help for anyone who is unsure on how to perform structured wiring. I agree that whenever you are uncertain on things you are doing, it is always recommended to seek help from the professionals. Destroying things is only a length away for anyone with insufficient knowledge.
Posted by on 9/21/2012 2:55 AM
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