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Building a new home is not as easy as some think it is and if you are building in the Boise Foothills, it is even more difficult.

Building on flat land is one thing but building on the side of a hillis requires actually much more engineering. If you are building in the foothills you also have to be aware of fire, wildlife and and other things that flat landers don't even think about.

If you are considering building in the foothills, here is the best advice- Work with someone who is experienced in building a home in the Boise Foothills. Between the engineering requirements, other code restrictions and all the little things a builder must know, it is not just another home.

Don't let the builder tell you it is either. Ask any professional homebuilder that has built in the foothills and they can tell you all the things that can go wrong. Additionally, if you are working with a reputable Idaho Builder they may also have a relationship with the inspectors and other county officials so that it is an easy process.

Many builders may say that they can do it, and that may be true but don't be fooled into thinging that it is just like any home and any experienced builder can do it.

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Posted by tlangford at 10/30/2011 2:20:00 PM
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Re:Building a home in the Boise Foorthills
We see this a lot in Utah, as well. New construction going into the sides of mountains carry risks that people just don't think about. It's good you're putting the word out!
Posted by on 10/31/2011 12:07 AM


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