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Buying a home is a very big deal but selling a home is a big deal as well! Having a great floor plan, beautiful interior and exterior design helps, but is brand name important?

Idaho Home BuildersHomes are not like retail items but for those who are really into doing their homework, the builder name on the home is very important. If you are into clothes, you understand how important a name is. If a home were clothes you would pay attention to the feel of the fabric as well as the deisgn.

New homes are the same. Maybe you are a "Hominista!" New word, I hope it catches. remember you read it here first! Anyway, some folk don't care what they wear and some folks wouldn't be caught dead in non-designers clothes.

When you go to sell your home, does your builder have an extensive reputation. What is it? Will it help sell the home? Several lisings not only list the builder but also use it as part of the description. They know that some builders have an amazing reputation and it only adds to the value of the home.

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