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Should you get an Idaho Real Estate Agent or a Boise Home Builder first? Should you get a lot and then choose a builder or have a builder choose a lot with you?

Buying a New Home, Building a Custom Home

Buying a home is a simple concept but it is filled with questions. Questions that require answers from many professionals. No one person has all the answers and if they say they do- run away, far - far away!

Realtors® are not Home Builders and Builders are not Realtors®. Even home builders refer to other professionals about building a home from the framer, to the electrician and many other trades and services. So that being said what comes first- the builder, the real estate agent or selecting a buiding lot?

The answer is a little different for everyone. Sometimes you already have a builder or real estate agent picked out and they can guide you through the process of selecting the rest. If you truly trust your builder or real estate agent, they should be able to help you find qualified professionals.

Idaho Home BuildersIf you are starting from scratch, take your time and enjoy the ride. If you get in a hurry, you are likely to make mistakes. Which come first though, right? Well really, the answer depends. What you need to do is work backwards. See also Seven Principles to building a better home

Once you define what your home is going to look like, the type of lot you want and where it is going to be you can determine whom you need to talk to first. The more specialized the home or lot the more important the builder will be to talk to first.

If you know exactly what your custom home looks like and it is very large and very custom, you probably need to talk to the builder to determine lot size and make sure that all the little intricacies and custom elements will work together, like the direction of the lot works for the home.

If it is a simple home and your biggest concern is price, your Idaho real estate agent can help you find communities that meet your requirements as well as Move-In-Ready Homes or builders that build at your price point.

If you are looking for a very special lot, maybe not in a community, you may need to talk a builder first to determine if the lot is a building lot. For example, they will understand how much it is going to cost to build  based on county codes and how much it would cost to bring water a sewer to the home They will also want to confirm there is a viable water source with ample supply.

The simpler your needs the less important the builder is at the begining stages. Your Real Estate Agent also has many resources to answer questions and guide you, that is what they get paid to do


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