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Selecting a Building Lot for your Custom Home in Boise Idaho

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Looking for a building lot in Boise Idaho? Do you know how to start the selection process of finding the right building lot?

Selecting the right building lot is the most important part of a custom home. Your home builder can be replaced and many things can go wrong but can be fixed but the building lot is irreplacable.

What are the three most important aspects of finding a building lot

  1. Building Lot Size
    You may be looking to create an estate on acreage or downsizing to get out of yard work. Knowing how much land you want is an important first step. As part of this decision, you also need to consider the dimensions. Also, How will your home will fit on the lot. For example, if you want a home that is long and narrow, don't biy a small wide lot with no depth? Additionally, even if you have plenty of square feet on the lot, is it suited for your home, for example, is there a lot of marshy ares that will satutate a basement?

  2. Lot Placement
    Is there a view from the lot you want to capitalize on? If it faces west, don't forget that
    Boise Idaho is in a desert climate. Come August, if you have large windows facing the west, you may not be able to afford to keep the home cooled off! If you have already designed your home and have had plans designed, how will it look on a particular lot? Your builder will be able to help with this.

  3. Your Community
    The community is more important that the lot in todays world! And it is more than just having a tot lot in the park. Is the HOA strong? Are the other homes 'good' homes with good neighbors? Are there strong Design Controls and who oversees plans for new homes. The reason you want this is you don't want someone coming in, like an investor, and taking advantage of the rest of the community and putting up a cheap home that will appraise well because of the existing homes. Note: This can happen, and it is more common than you may think.

    Of course, there is also the standard things to think of when selecting a community - location, amenities (pressuruized irrigation, parks, community pool, walking paths) and HOA dues, size of community, nearby services and shopping.

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