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Is it a good deal?

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If you have read some of our previous posts about Idaho Real Estate you can imagine how we snicker when we see a property being marketed as a 'good deal?'

This  is just  a little rant about how some properties are marketed? Today I saw one that was a 'good deal.' So here is the thought- if it is a good deal what is wrong with it? How long has it been on the market and why? If the floorplan is not a good design, why would I want it? If other people, smarter than I, don't want it, than I for sure don't want it.

If it is such a good deal, why is it being sold for less that it should be worth, market value? What does it not come with? Where did the builder skimp?

It is one thing when a home owner has to leave quickly or is a motivated seller but a new home is quite different. See Boise Idaho Home Builder New Homes for Sale post

Okay, I ' done ranting, hope you get the point!


Posted by tlangford at 12/5/2011 8:39:00 PM

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