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Fireplaces are not just for camping anymore. Outdoor living is the next evolution of great home design! Don't overlook this great amenity when looking at new homes for sale or designing a custom home.

Gathering around a fire is not a new idea, especially in Idaho, where exploring the great outdoors is part of the culture and having a great campfire is just part of that experience. Today, time is becoming more precious and therefore lifestyle continues to be the most important aspect of a new home purchase, excluding price of course. Outdoor living has become a feature that people are requesting as an upgraded amenity for their new home more often now.

Increasingly, designers and homeowners in Idaho are taking advantage of the outdoor spaces including a covered patio, gas grills and pools (or a community pool). These spaces are becoming more popular not only because of time but also money. Adding these features is not a cheap feature but for many it adds an incredible value.

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Developers are now even including fire pits in the common areas of a community. For example Alexandria in Meridian has a fire pit as well as a community grill. An outdoor fire pit can also encourage a feeling of community, anchoring a designated area and marking it as a place to congregate when night falls.

In many homes, an outdoor fire pit can be a place to toast marshmallows, a space to relax after dinner, or a cue to bring out the guitar and sing a few songs around the fire. and increases a family's interaction with each other  and nature

Talk to your builder about outdoor living and how to customize your backyard. Make it a place you enjoy and build great family memories.

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