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Avimor- A New Subdivision with unmatched Lifestyle

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An ideal Boise foothills setting, convenient to town yet near Idaho's great outdoors

By Dusty Parnell
Idaho Statesman

Boise Idaho AvimorIt doesn’t take long to see why General Manager Dan Richter says Avimor boasts “Affordable Foothills Lifestyle.”

The affordable part is clearly seen in the home prices, starting in the $130,000s (which includes the lot). Avimor prices are so low, according to Richter, “we can compete price-wise with any short sale or foreclosure in the valley.” And without any of the hassle.

To learn about “foothills lifestyle,” all you have to do is talk to some of the people who live there.

“You’re surrounded by all this nature and all these trails,” said Joe Gregory, who works for Hewlett-Packard. An active lifestyle is a cinch in this setting.

“It’s so easy to open the front door and go for a hike,” he said. “I’ve lost 20 pounds. I call it the Avimor Diet.”

Gregory’s next-door neighbor is Charlie Baun, Avimor’s Conservation Director and Art of Living Director.

“I like to go hiking and biking, and now that I live in Avimor, I no longer have to spend an hour and a half commuting back and forth from those spots,” he said. “I can just go out my front door.”

Hikers and bikers are familiar with the ever-crowded North End foothills to the east, or the Eagle foothills to the west, but Baun loves the rolling hills and trails of Avimor that he calls “an untapped, undiscov- ered countryside.”

But it’s not just for him.

“We have a lot of kids here,” he said. “It’s definitely not a community where the kids stay inside. Couch potatoes don’t grow well at Avimor.”

He has two boys, ages 3 and 7. Avimor is a tight-knit community, and in the summertime, the pool is the town center for the kids. And the fishing hole is right across the street.

“Swimming, fishing, hiking, biking — and fort-building by the creek. And they can do all that in one day,” Baun said.

John and Diane Friend are a semi-retired couple, and she’s a master gardener.

They’ve lived many places around the country, and when they came to the Treasure Valley, they looked at more than 100 homes before settling on Avimor.

They loved its uniqueness.
“I knew I loved it, when we went for a walk on one of the trails,” Diane said. “I looked back down at the inver- sion in the valley below us, and I knew right then — I wanted to live up here in the fresh air.”

They’re also impressed with the quality and energy efficiency of the homes at Avimor. John said they’ve only turned their air conditioning on three times in two years.

Joel “Tick” Vicars will soon be a resident at Avimor, too. “As an architect and former general contractor in several states, I appreciate the superior quality and improved construction techniques,” he said.

Every kind of lifestyle

With quiet foothills living, dozens of miles of trails and a quick 10-minute drive to the conveniences and entertain- ment of Eagle, this community will undoubtedly become the go-to place.

Kent Proesch is the Sales Manager at Avimor. He was a Community and New Home Specialist in Columbia Village for 13 years.

“It is exciting to be a part of a community so conveniently located to shopping, medical services
and entertainment, while still being close to a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities,” he said. “All of this while preserving thousands of acres of open space in the foothills.”

“This is one of those communities that once you live in the community, you’ll stay in the community,” Richter said. “Avimor is designed for every lifestyle and every stage of your life. You don’t have to change your Zip Code to change your lifestyle.”

And there’s plenty of lifestyle to go around.
Avimor Home for SaleAs Art of Living Director and Conservation Director, Baun
always has a way for residents to get involved. Many com- munity members enjoy a monthly Avimor Nights Out at one of the nearby Eagle restaurants. In the summertime, Avimor has local get-togethers with music, picnicking and neighborly fun. Non-residents get involved at Avimor, too. Baun organizes numerous projects, from trail maintenance to wild game counts. He works with a variety of community and valley volunteers, scout groups and more. One recent project helped to restore natural habitat by planting 1,500 bitterbrush plants. (The deer love them.)

“We really try to integrate the community as much as possible,” he said.

So, whether it’s the attractive prices —

“There’s no other place I could afford to live in the foothills,” Baun said.

Or the beautiful setting —
“I will never tire of the views,” Gregory said. There are a lot of reasons to live in Avimor.
“I love the open space combined with the convenience of
Eagle, Meridian and Boise,” said Mishelle Parks. She and her husband, Shon, have an active family with four rambunctious boys ages 3 to 15. This is another family that likes to go backpacking right out their front door and really enjoys all the outdoor opportunities at Avimor.

But don’t just take Mom’s word for it. Ask their third-grader, Logan: “There are lots of places to play and build forts,” he said.

Can there be any better reason than that?

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