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What makes a Parade Home?

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The details!

The Parade of Homes is definitely a sign of the growth in Treasure Valley and that this is place people want to be. The level of homes on display over the past two weeks is a view into who is coming as well.

Three aspects of the Parade Home I enjoyed.

  • Technology, it is not just in the magazines anymore. Monitors in mirrors, home theater systems that makes the floor shake, crystal clear TV's offering life size pictures and designed to invite friends over so you never have to sit in a "theater" again.  
  • Design. Beautiful yet livable. I think the designers should be recognized. They are really the ones who take a great home to the next level. I cannot believe there was not more advertising for the furnishings in the homes. You couldn't miss who installed the central vacuum system that was never even seen but nothing about the decor.
  • Details. Say all you want about any Parade Home, in the end it is in the details. Competition is hot and the desire to be #1 was intense. The Parade really let everyone envision their dream home.

What was your experience? Vote for your favorite home and then tell every one why here!


Posted by tlangford at 5/8/2006 12:26:00 AM

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