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Idaho Custom Home and Semi Custom Home Design

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Many people want to design a home from scratch while others need a semi-custom home. But everyone wants to personalize the home so that it has their style and is unique.

The word custom is one of those words that is very much over-used. Many real estate agents sell used homes as custom homes. In my opinion, it can only be built as a custom home once, after that it is a used home for sale.

Boise Idaho Custom Home BuildersA custom home can be any size and does not have to be a million dollar home. Custom is simply a concept that means it was specifically drafted with a particular layout and built with interior and exterior designs for you or by you.

Many builders will take an existing plan and customize it to your needs. This would be considered more of a semi-custom home. This could be as simple as moving a wall in a room or extending an entire wall to makes the home a larger home. It can also be taking the perfect floorplan and adding color, using different fixtures or even transforming the floor plan and flipping it so the house is a mirror of the original. Semi-Custom homes are very popular for builders because much of the guess work is eliminated after they have built it the first time. Like a great business plan, it is all good on paper but in reality there may need to be some adjustments.

No matter which way you go remember this- cusomizing a home is all about personaliztions. Custom homes means you can make it your style including colors but also amenities. During design you can tell the home builder about all the things that are important to you and amenities you want. You can work with interior designer to help put your style into the home.

When people use the word custom, most people think it is expensive but the reality is that working with a professional, they can help you personalize the home to your taste and stay in budget.

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