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How much does it cost to build a home in Boise Idaho? Main Idaho Real Estate Insights
This is a popular question for prospective home buyers considering new construction. Although there are many variables it is actually easy to determine.

There are basically two factors in determining the answer. Will you borrow money and do you have the building lot already.

Boise Idaho Home LoansIf you are getting a construction loan or a home loan, your home will be based on value of other homes sold in the area. Keeping in mind that banks are very risk adverse at this time, you can't get a loan for a $400k custom home when other similar homes are $250k. Even if you can show the bank all the upgrades and how nice your home will look, they are not likely to lend you the money. If you are getting a home loan, your home has to appraise at market value. Of course, if there is no bank or lender, the sky is the limit.

The second factor is the building lot. First, there may be ACC guidelines that won't allow you to build more or less of a home than other homes in the neighborhood. The amenities inside are not as likely to be a factor but if you can't build a home that the right size or design you may not want to build in that community.

If you don't have a lot already, it is very easy. Find homes for sale in or near your community and between average sales prices and price per square foot, you have an idea of where it will be,

Builder Direct Pricing. If you are paying cash and there is no Idaho Real Estate Agent involved, you may be able to get more for your money. Several builders positioned themselves for this niche in the market place years ago, but they are hard to find now. Most smaller Idaho home builders are very open to negotiating. A commission on a $3ook custom home is $18k. That could be a lot more space or upgrades in your home.

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