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Top Ten Signs it is Time to Buy a NEW Home

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Maybe you know it is time to get a home or are sitting on the fence. Here are the top ten signs that you need a new home.

Top 10 Signs you need a new home?

10) Turns out there is a reason the square feet you bought at a good price was so good

9) You made it. You got that raise, bonus, promotion or other professional goal and now you can get that house you've dreamed of

8) People always ask you how long you have lived in your house?

7) Your kids always go over to their friends house but never invite them over to yours.

6) It would be cheaper to move than to make all the changes to the home you would like

5) You realize the dream home theater system you bought does not fit into the space you measured it for and the existing wiring is not compatible with today's technology

4) You decided to build your own home for the sweat equity. Turns out you are not a home builder after all.

3) Realtors call you randomly saying they were referred to you by friends and family to sell your home

2) You have a new addition coming to your family and your wife is constanly asking you if you would mind if she puts the crib next to your bed since the other bedroom is full

1) You can't tell if you are staring at your neighbors or if they are staring at you!

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