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It?s going to be a very happy new year for many people who are building new homes, redesigning existing homes or updating rooms and spaces. 2012 trends focus on both fun and function. In my current projects with local home builders, we are seeing a renewed focus on budget-friendly styling.

Idaho Interior DesignIn particular, the basics get bolder. Over the last year, wood finishes are getting lighter, rougher and unfinished. As a result, upholstered furniture is fighting back from beige! A new trend towards bright, bold colors and patterns is emerging.

In 2012 we will see an eclectic blend of finishes, wood and glass, linen and silk, natural stone with florals. Traditional styling fades as more organic elements pair up with man-made items for an updated look. Mixing your décor style and accessories adds your personnel charm and unique style.

If you want a fresh new look for the new year consider adding a splash of color. Accent pillows and or rugs are a wonderful way to update any room and add that punch of color. If you are feeling brave consider some accent paint. Benjamin Moore has a fabulous selection of interior paint colors. If the thought overwhelms you...take a trip to your local Pottery Barn store, there you will find a small color swatch of Benjamin Moore paint colors to get your imagination soaring.

Happy Decorating!

Alysse Matthews is a Boise-based interior designer with over 12 years experience in both residential and commercial projects throughout the Northwest. Alysse can be reached at 208.861.5070 or alyssematthews[email protected].

Posted by Alysse at 12/30/2011 11:31:00 PM
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