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Does your Idaho Home Builder have an identity crisis?

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One consistent them Build Idaho mentions is credibility. Choosing a new home is a huge decision that squarely rests on your shoulders and selecting a great builder is key. While the best is a relative term because many times the home buyer does not know what is behind the walls but we can determine credibility of the home builder

Boise Idaho Home BuildersThere are several things you can consider to determine the credibility of your home builder-

  1. How long have the been in business?
    While the is strength in numbers there are also new companies looking to enter the market and are aggressively trying to earn your business. Going with a company that has been in business for years proves they can run a business successfully. For home buyers who are risk adverse, seeking a company like this may put you at ease in the buying or building process.

    On the other hand, a yong company may be more likely to be open to new ideas and more flexible in their pricing? New companies don't know where the next client may come from so they are eager to please everyone that walk through the door.

  2. How many home have they built?
    Again their is strength in #'s but there is also the importance of what home they have built and what type of builder they are.

    While many builders moved from one trade, like framing, to becoming a builder as an evolution of their career, thereis a big difference in being the builder and being a trade or sub-contractor. We talked about a new company in #1 but there is also the fact that a builder who has built dozenss or hundreds of homes is very different from a home builder still figuring our how to build a home and manage a business, The more experience they have the better they will be able to handle all the challenges that happen along the way, and yes it is almost guearanteed to happen.

  3. What types of Homes have they built?
    We continue to expand our layers of credibility and now that you have a company you trust and a builder with experience, you shoudl consider if the builder has experience in building the home you want built. Just because a builder has built 200 homes does not mean he is the best fit for you? If they are primarily a starter home builder, can they make the jump to a multi-million dollar custom home?

    That may be a bit of an extreme example but keep this in mind. Most builders build what they are comfortable with and understand that price point. Working with a builder who is concerned about price per square foot may not do well with truly luxury custom homes. They may not appreciate the price of a great piece of grantie or understand design, textures and style. a builder completely focused on price may not be able to transition to a home where, though price matters, style is the most important thing.

    On the other hand, you would not hire a high end custom home builder to build a home for a growing family that is most concerned about space. They may not want the beautiful powder bath today or need a spa master bath?

    Also, have they built the style of home you are looking for? Again, just because I can do math does not mean I am a CPA? Making the jump from one style to another is not a jump for many builders but many times those builders understand style and can do it. A starter home builder may have a problem undertanding round rooms and extensive customizations?
  4. Understand your home builder
    You should do your best to learn about the builder before you sign on the dotted line. Are they finacilly sound? Have other recent clients been happy? Will they be on the job site daily? Do they consistently stay in budget?

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