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The best place to start with any perspective is in the begining. While many people are familiar with the last 6 years to 10 years of real estate and new construction, there is a record of home building in the Boise Idaho Metropolitan area since 1961. You can follow spikes in construction and building permits with major increases in employmnet like HP and Micron.

Boise Idaho New Construction Trends: Building Permits

The growth of Boise Idaho by population will also closely follow this chart below. While real estate may fluctuate with interest rates, like that of the 70's, eventually the market turns around and builders start building to meet demand. Below you can see the spike in 2055 and dramatic drop.

2010 marked the first year since 2005 to see a turn around in total building permits. While 2011 is down in total permits, Boise has seen an increase but was pulled down as surrounding communities continue to struggle.

Boise Idaho Building Permit History

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Re:Boise Idaho History of Building New Homes Report
Look for several other reports coming soon.
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