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Closer look at New Construction in Boise Idaho during 2011

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Over the last 13 months there is a definite sign of increasing activity in building permits in Boise. Some people may be surprised but between lower inventory levels of used homes, continued in-migration of people from other states like California and value of new homes comparatively.

Boise Idaho 2011 Building Permit Activity

Building Permit Activity Boise Idaho 2011 13 Month Compare

As we can see, even with the decrease in Building Permits in the fall season and again in December, new construciton in Boise Idaho is gaining momentum. Canyon County continues to struggle as Nampa, Caldwell and Middleton have not been able to gain traction in this economy. Many believe that money ripples out from Boise and Boise is still struggling with an estimated 8% unemploymnet.

There are several factors that influence the progress of new construction in Boise Idaho. One is that inventory of used homes is limited. 2011 has seen the amount of homes for sale decrease. Also, the migration of new residents to the area continues as people from California, Washington and Oregon move to Idaho. Lastly, the value of new homes compared to existing, especially foreclosures and short sales is becoming more obvious as prospective home buyers learn that buying a short sale is a venture in frustration.

Builidng Permit Comparison-

Compare Bose and Nampa Idaho Building Permtis

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