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Finding the right Idaho Home Builder is a big decision when selecting a new home for sale or building a custom home. Here are some tips to find credible home builders

Selecting a Credible Idaho Home Builder

  1. How long have they been in business in Idaho?Credible Boise Idaho Home Builders
    Being in business is a sign of not only experience but also financial stability.
  2. Are they building full time?
  3. List of other homes currently under construction.
  4. How many home have they built under that company name?
    Note: Does not count if they were the superindent or part owner in another company, only as their company.
  5. How many homes have they built in the last two years?
  6. What price point do they build at?
  7. List of the last 5 home owners.
  8. What is the warranty?
  9. Ask the home builder to describe their company!
    This is a great way to learn about their passsion for building or if you are going to be just another client
  10.  Will your home be certified?
    ENERGY STAR, NAHB Green or LEED are the major certifications in the area

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Re:Ten things you should ask your Idaho Home Builder
These are excellent points you should know before buying a new Idaho home or having one built. Applied everywhere.
Posted by on 1/24/2012 4:14 PM

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