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Is 2012 your year to buy a home for sale or build a custom home in Idaho? 2011 showed a lot of signs that real estate is rebounding but are you going to make the jump? Are interest rates low enough? Will building lot prices go lower? Are building materials and other interior and exterior finishes as low as they will go. If you are cheap these are the questions you are asking but if you are looking for a great home that you will be proud to own and live in they are not.

Boise Real EstateIf price is your game and you won't jump until you are absolutely sure that everything is as cheap as it will get, you are too cheap to buy or build a new home. You should hire an Idaho foreclosure expert and play that game.

New Construction is about getting what you want. It is about style, design, textures and lifestyle. It is about energy efficiency construction technology, great floor plans. These are things that cheap people don't pay for. Cheap people are more concerned with price per square foot and compromising. New construction is about creating something you will be proud of. A new home is about living, sharing and entertaining. If you build a cheap home would you invite your friends over to show them your new Boise Real Estate? If you want cheap, you are not not looking for element granite counter tops or rich looking wood floors. You are headed to the local box store to compare prices not to find style.

When you are ready for your piece of Boise Real Estate and want a new home, we hope you will find Build Idaho to be a great resource.


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