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Today, we were doing some research and realized that one home building company in Boise Idaho has a very large team dedicated to creating, designing and building quality homes? This is not a comprehensive study so there is no supporting evidence but look how many people are involved for this Boise Idaho home builder.

It takes a village to raise a baby and a team to build a home. Check out what could be the largest home building team in Boise Idaho?

Brighton Homes

Boise, Idaho

Lars Hanson Brighton Homes Designer
Lars Hansen, Brighton Homes Vice President
In 2007, Lars joined Brighton Corporation to develop and implement new strategies in residential development and product design to address the evolving marketplace. Specifically, his duties with Brighton Homes include market research and analysis, product development and prototyping, and Sales and Marketing. As Brighton Corporation moves into the future, Lars will be instrumental to the quality of future developments as an integrated land planning and product development approach is pursued by Brighton Corporation. Lars received the American Institute of Architects School Medal for Excellence in the Study of Architecture upon graduation from the University of Idaho in 1998.
A bit of trivia: Lars won a national architectural design competition sponsored by TrusJoist in 1995.
Brandon Waltman Brighton Homes Construction Manager
Brandon Waltman, Construction Manager
Brandon joined Brighton Homes in early 2006 as a Construction Superintendent with over 12 years of industry experience. He immediately created a series of quality measures to deliver finely crafted homes, and personally performed the homeowner orientation walkthroughs to ensure customer satisfaction. Recently promoted as Construction Manager, Brandon takes great pride in managing construction projects; following aggressive schedules, staying on budget and delivering award winning homes to clients. A naturally optimistic team player, Brandon creates long-term partnerships with trade contractors, which result in a higher level of construction and overall workmanship.
A bit of trivia: Brandon has won several local and regional basketball slam dunk competitions.
Lynn Jenkins Brighton Homes Construction Estimator
Lynn Jenkins, Chief Estimator
Lynn joined Brighton Corporation in 2005 as Project Coordinator for the commercial & development divisions. In 2008, she applied her 13 years experience in commercial construction to the residential division by assuming the estimating and purchasing position. Since that time, her expertise in residential estimating has become an integral part of the homebuilding process. As a result, Lynn now dedicates her time entirely to the residential division. With the company’s recent growth and surge to offer a wider range of home designs, Lynn’s focus is working with the trade contractors and managing the estimating and purchasing software system.
Carl Trautman, Brighton Homes Purchasing Manager
Carl Trautman, Purchasing Manager
Joining the Brighton Homes team in 2010, Carl brings an additional 16 years of experience from the residential development and homebuilding industry. While earning his degree in Civil Engineering, Carl earned a living in the carpentry and concrete trades. After four years in residential land development, he took the opportunity to immerse himself in the homebuilding industry for the past 8 years as an estimator and purchasing manager. Carl joined Brighton Homes to assist in the process of streamlining systems, improving trade partner resources, and providing more support to a team that makes buying a Brighton Home easier and more affordable.
A bit of trivia: Carl enjoys playing ping-pong with his six children. He is also currently serving as the Vice-Chairman of the Kuna Planning and Zoning Commission.
Tina Lytle, Director of Operations at Brighton Homes
Tina Lytle, Director of Operations
A natural team player with over 11 years experience in the homebuilding industry, Tina joined Brighton in Fall 2010 to streamline processes. She is an effective team leader with a proven track record for improving systems and fine-tuning production schedules. Prior to her career in residential construction, Tina climbed the corporate ladder in various operational, administrative and human resource management positions. She holds an active Senior Professional Human Resource (SPHR) and Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) certifications.
A bit of trivia: Growing up with a father in the Air Force, Tina has lived in five different states: California, Hawaii, Nebraska, Kansas and Idaho.
Roberta Riley, Project Coordinator at Brighton Homes
Roberta Riley, Project Coordinator
With over 13 years of experience in the homebuilding industry, Roberta adds a higher level of service and attention to detail to each home. Her extensive skill set includes accounting, operations, contract review and transaction detail, as well as small business management. Highly organized with an enviable ability to multi-task, Roberta is similar to a personal assistant; she enriches the entire homebuilding and selection process for clients, with a great amount of care and patience.
A bit of trivia: Roberta is a native from Ontario, Canada. If you`ve met her, you could have guessed, eh?
Cindy Worwood, Project Coordinator at Brighton Homes
Cindy Worwood, Project Coordinator
As a Project Coordinator, Cindy is uniquely qualified with strong skill sets in both organization and creativity. Her background includes over three years experience in title and escrow and her personal passion for home design in particular, adds extra value for clients when discussing colors, interior finishes, etc. In addition to title and escrow, Cindy`s professional background includes 3.5 years employment at a high-end photography studio, doubling as both a photographer and office manager.
A bit of trivia: Cindy loves Idaho and Boise in particular! After living in Hawaii for several months in her early twenties, she truly learned what “there is no place like home” meant. Cindy spends a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors of our beautiful state…mostly bicycling, waterskiing, camping, and hiking.
Seth Vanderpool, Product Development Manager at Brighton Homes
Seth Vanderpool, Product Development Manager
Seth joined the Brighton Homes team in Summer 2011 as Product Development Manager. With over a decade of experience in residential architecture, Seth is excited to bring a fresh perspective to our designs, with a focus on multiple options for elevation styles. With a meticulous eye for detail, Seth oversees the permitting process for each home and manages hundreds of client-driven and standard details and specifications. This includes working closely with the Project Coordinators through the completion of each model home.
A bit of trivia: In any available spare time, Seth works on his 1958 Chevy pick-up that he originally restored while in high school. (We`re hoping to convince Seth to enter his truck in local car shows so we can all admire his incredible automotive craftsmanship!)
Adam Fuhriman, Construction Superintendent at Brighton Homes
Adam Fuhriman, Construction Superintendent
Despite being on track for a very successful career in insurance, Adam`s first passion is building homes. Knowing virtually nothing about the industry, but driven by a desire to build truly exceptional homes, he started working as a beginning framer in 2006 and quickly added finish carpentry and concrete finishwork to his skill set. Adam joined Brighton Homes in 2010, and is very excited to be surrounded by a team that shares his same passion.
A bit of trivia: As a child performer, Adam and his father had a Wild West show with cowboy poetry, Will Rogers-styled rope tricks, a gun fight and other forms of lively entertainment.
Braxton Hansen, Construction Superintendent at Brighton Homes
Braxton Hansen, Construction Superintendent
Gaining early experience in the framing and concrete trades, Braxton brings over 15 years of experience to Brighton. His unwavering passion and enthusiasm for building homes is evident in his workmanship and in the relationships that he builds with trade contractors. His experience in the field is invaluable in creating sound quality control measures throughout the homebuilding process. Braxton equally enjoys working directly with clients to streamline communication, change orders, etc.
A bit of trivia: Braxton and his wife, Carissa, are blessed with the unexpected gifts and lessons that come with being foster parents of a special needs child.
Jared Telford, Drafting and Design at Brighton Homes
Jared Telford, Drafting and Design
With a background of over seven years in construction and interior cabinetry, Jared joined Brighton in Summer 2011 for drafting and design. A self-starter and fast learner, Jared`s work experience evolved from framing large custom homes to eventually fine wood working and finish trim carpentry, both in Boise and in eastern Idaho where Jared is originally from. Jared received his degree in Drafting and Design from ITT Technical Institute in December, 2010, and is excited to be a part of the Brighton Homes team!
A bit of trivia: Jared was honored by graduating at the top of his class from the Drafting and Design program at ITT Technical Institute.
Alysse Matthews, Idaho Interior Hone Designer at Brighton Corporation
Alysse Matthews, Interior Designer
Making a house a home, where the reflection of the client’s style shines through – that is Alysse’s true passion. Designing for new construction is especially exciting because of the countless styles and themes available, both for speculative and custom homes. With over 11 years experience in residential and commercial projects throughout the Northwest, Alysse`s insight on classic styles yet playing up the fun of trends adds a unique dimension to Brighton’s portfolio of home designs.
Special note: Alysse provides design services to Brighton through her business, Alysse Matthews Interiors, an independent contractor.

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