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Moving To Boise Idaho? Here is a list of the Top 6 Features in Boise, Idaho. Many people want to live in Boise but maybe you want a home near one of your favorite activities.

Boise Idaho

When I ask people why they moved to Boise there are generally two answers-

  1. They love it Here. From the weather to all the available activities it itruly is a wonderful place.
  2. The  are following family. Most communly it is grand children but many people wan to be close to family.

It makes sense of course. They came to Boise to visit family and that they had a great time. The other common theme is that they are from another state. Many  are from California but most are from the Northwest including Oregon and Washington. (View In-Migration Report).

Top Features of Boise Idaho

  • Boise River
    From Fishing to Floating there is plenty to do here. You can even teach your kids to skip rocks
  • Boise Greenbelt
    Walk Bike and Explore miles of paved trails that follow the Boise River from East Boise to Eagle Idaho. View Greenbelt Map and view homes near the Greenbelt-
  • Boise Foothills
    Bike, Jog or just explore numerous trails that interlace Ada County from East Boise to the county line near Horseshoe Bend in the Boise Foothills. From exercising to exploring it is a great activity to learn more about the outdoors just outside our doors. Abundant Wildlife creates great photography experiences as well as memories.
  • Lucky Peak Resevoir
    Just 15 minutes from Boise is Lucky Peak. Boating, fishing and access to mountains where elk, deer, and wolves can be found.
  • Snake River
    The Snake River actually begins in Wyoming and runs across southern Idaho before turning north. Locally there is Swan Falls and Marsing to get close to teh water. Many like to fish for Trout, Bass and catch fish but some also try to catch a Sturgeon.
  • Birds of Prey National Refuge
    Ready for open space? Head out past Kuna into the desert. Keep your eye in the sky for the many predator birds here that hunt ground squirels and rabbits. Also this is a great area to spot a badger.
  • Boise Zoo
    You wan tot know the best time to visit the Boise Zoo? It is actually in the winter. The animals are more active and you will end up staying longer because the animals are also out more and doing more.

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