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The ability to negotiate on your new home is going to be highly dependent on three variables: current amount of inventory of homes that match your criteria, if you are buying a home "To Be Built" or existing inventory and local market conditions.

Boise Idaho New Homes

Boise Idaho New SudivisionsThe most important factor to remember is that if you are going to be getting a mortgage to buy the home, the appraised value of the home is the very important. If you are buying a new home and negotiating the price, you are also negotiating with the home builder's profit margin. While many people might say 'screw the builder,' you should realize that the more the builder is willing to negotiate the more leary you should be. While there was a time when builders would sell a home at a loss and be glad not to have it in their portfolio, those times have passed.

With the changes in Boise Idaho Real Estate over the last 12 months, new construction has become a lot more appealing.

  • Building Lot Prices have dropped down substanctially from where they were at the peak of the Idaho Real Estate market.
  • Material and Labor Prices are also down
  • Inventory of existing homes is down as well as distressed property to historical lows, based on population.
  • Many people looking for a 'deal' on a Boise Idaho short sale or foreclosure property have decided that game is not worth the frustration. Those that really want a home are finding that waiting 60 days to find an answer and then coming to the closing to be told the deal is cancelled is not worth it. Investors and bottom feeders are willing to go through the hoops and motions because they are not emotionally tied to the home. They only want to win the deal!

Why a Real Estate Agent's Assistance Helps

When you purchase a home you are probably making one of the most important investments in your life. It is important to make sure you make the most informed, intelligent decisions possible in regards to the details of your next home. Many times, this can be clouded by an emotional attachment to a home, which believe it or not, can be created immediately.

Have you ever walked into a home, and said the words, "Wow, I love it!" This could be referenced as an emotional attachment. You are now subconsciously wanting this home, and are usually (as long as your finances provide) willing to make an offer. Realize that once you are willing to make an offer, you are emotionally attached to the home, especially if your family has the same enjoyable experience as you did when walking into a lovely model home. In a Realtor's experience, these emotional attachments cloud the mind, and usually make you make emotional decisions rather than logical ones. In real estate, this is really a bad idea. Boise Real Estate Agents can help.

Realtors can guide you to find your Boise home by using a process that is very intentional and proactive. Realtors are able to fine tune their searches in the Boise, Eagle and Meridian MLS as well as the entire Treasure Valley. to find homes most suited to your needs.

Once you've found the home of your dreams, let someone that ISN'T emotionally attached do the negotiating. In a Realtor's experience, they will be able to get better results from a new home builder salesperson negotiation session than you, by yourself, and un-armed. Boise IDaho real estate agents, on the other hand, come fully prepared with neighborhood selling trends and statistics, an un-emotional and un-attached attitude, and the ability to walk-away. Do yourself a favor and take use of this service!

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