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Many smaller Idaho Home Builders are going to find it hard to build homes as the year progresses. While there are many lots out there, many of them are tied up or not in great communities.

Boise Idaho New Constrion Update

Febraury 2012

Boise Idaho New ConstructionAbout three years ago, many Idaho Home Builders recognized that the Boise New Construction Market was changing and new opportunities were starting to surface. Many of the distressed subdivisions were going back to the bank and banks were making bulk lot sales to those that could finance the deals to get them off the books.

Years ago, home buyers were frustrated because if they liked a community they had to choose a specific builder or from a dedicated home building team. It is starting to look very similar again. Many of the Class A Subdivisions have been taken by builders. Either bundles of lots or entire subdivisions have been purchased. Now smaller builders are havind problems finding lots to build new homes on.

On the other side of the table though, Idaho Developers are starting to see an increase in demand which is bringing  lot values up and Ada County is getting closer for developers to be able to make a profit developing raw land again. While we still have many lots in the area, the Class A Subdivision inventories are dwindling.

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