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You probably talk about Idaho Real Estate at the water cooler at your workplace and with your Neighbors. Real Estate is in the news all the time, but what do Boise Real Estate Professionals say about the Boise market?

If you hang around any water cooler, Idaho real estate is sure to become a topic. People always want to talk about their neighborhood, local home values, foreclosures and short sales. While you can listen to the news and your friends, who have a valid perspective, most people want to know what the industry professionals are really talking about.

Currently, the hot topic is inventory. You have probably heard that the number of home on the market is declining and lower than it has ever been. What this means to home buyers is that when they give their list of priorities to their Idaho Real Estate Agent, they do not have a wide selection of homes to choose from. When money and home loans were readily available, more people were buying and selling. Now loans are far more difficult to get approved and funded.

This is one reason that new construction is on the rise. When people can't find what they are looking for, they are turning to new construction. Between the ability to get what you want without compromising and the value new construction offers it is becoming a great solution.

One problem is that, speaking of inventory, Class A Subdivisions and lot inventory is dwindling. The Developers have been out of business for several years now so there is nothing really in the pipeline coming. There are several Larger master planned subdivisions like Paramount and Bridgetwower but most everything else is want is called an in-fill community.

If you are in the market for a home and not seeing what you want in USED homes, ask your Idaho Real Estate Agent about new construction.

Trey Langford
Build Idaho

Posted by tlangford at 4/1/2012 11:38:00 PM
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