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Tresidio Parade Homes Invitation

Main 2012 Boise Idaho Parade of Homes
You may remember Tresidio Home's 2011 Parade Home? They had the remote control shower!

Tresidio Homes

When Tresidio set out to start a home building business in the middle of one of the worst housing slumps ever, people thought they were crazy. Instead of reflecting on the dire state of the industry we set about becoming a different kind of home building company. Tresidio Homes was started in the spring of 2009. The two owners, Russ Van Wagenen and Jon Hastings, initially met in the fall of 2006 while obtaining bachelor’s degrees in Construction Management at Brigham Young University. They talked business ideas and strategy for the next couple years while gaining further education and work experience. They had the opportunity to participate together on two different national student competition teams. Both teams ended up winning national championships in their respective competitions, with the second one being the residential competition through the National Association of Home Builders. The education and experience gained provided a spring board for the creation of Tresidio Homes.

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