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The growth of Idaho Real Estate has been substantial over the last two decades with HP, Micron and other large corparations but the last few years it has just been people that move here, not corporations. Check out the latest trends in who is moving to Idaho and the Boise Metro.

2011 Idaho In-Migration Report

Where are all the Idaho Residents from?

First let's look at the big picture. Here is  a chart displaying total people moving to Idaho since 1999.

Idaho In-Migration Report 2011
As you can see it peaked in 2006 but has been increasing since last year. As we all know, there has not been negative population migration since records were available but the In- Migartion for 2011 was just over 18 thousand. That is 18 thousand adults. This number is based on people who surrendered their driver's license. The State of Idaho tracks what state you moved here from and what county you live in when you request an Idaho driver's license.

So where are all the new residents from? California, of course this has been the primary source of new residents for many years now? The question is, are they fleeing California or is this just overflow of people. The answer probably lies in monetization of living here versus there!

Here is a look at where the people who moved to Ada County were from...

Idaho In-Migration Report 2011

and Canyon County, Idaho...

Idaho In-Migration Report 2011

Charts created from information derived from ITD

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