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Boise Real Estate Question- A Custom Home or a Semi-Custom Built Home

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Many home buyers are looking at new construction and once they see the value they have to decide to buy a home that is already built, personalize a builder's floor plan or build a custom home.

If you must have it today, search subdivisions, homes for sale by builder and the Idaho MLS for new homes. There are many subdivisions with many amenities at different prices. One of the great things about what are called 'spec' homes are that if you find the right floorplan, with the right colors and finishes you can own it right away.

If you find the home that is almost perfect you can also ask the builder to re-build on the lot of your choice. You can ask the builder to make the requested changes and what the price will be. Most homes can be built in 60 to 120 days.

Custom homes are a whole different scenario. It could start on a napkin with your ideas of what your home could look like until full plans are drawn. There are many benefits to custom homes

  • Designed to fit your lifestyle
  • Unique Floorplan
  • You choose everything- finishes, floors, cabinets, amenities, and everything else including landscaping
  • May cost less. With no risk to the builder including carrying costs, many times the home can be built for less. Also, you may not want granite, heated tile floors and other upgrades that increase the overall price.

But there are also some disadvantages as well

  • It is easy to go over budget. When you start looking at options and design details it is easy to choose the upgrade styles and quickly add up a large bill.
  • It is all good on paper. While it may seem like a good idea now, when it is actually built, your opinion may change.
  • It takes longer to build a custom home with lots of particulars. If you need a home right away, a custom home may not be the best choice. It takes time to develop plans and then get bids before the approximate date that the home may be done, assuming there are no kinks in the plans and everyone is able to complete their job on time.
  • If it is built very much for you and your lifestle it may be difficult to re-sell. The more custom the home is, the more difficult it may be to sell. If this home is  a short term home, the pool of people that could buy it is reduced  the more details that are personalized. For example, the more unique colors that are used may not appeal to others. While the room could be re-painted, people viewwing your home are most likely interested in moving in and enjoying it rather than re-modeling right away.
Posted by tlangford at 5/28/2012 2:30:00 PM

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