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How to choose a building lot?

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Building a home involves many decisions but the success of every decision is related to how good the previous decisions were. Meaning if you create a good foundation, you can build a good frame for the home. On the other hand if the entire house has a poor foundation, it is difficult to make the rest of the house any better.


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Selecting the best building lot requires much of your due diligence. The process is actually fairly easy if you can determine what you are looking for.

The first decision is location normally. It helps to have a specified area that would be best for you. Boise area building lots.

The next step is to determine lot size. You should factor in how big the home is going to be to determine how much actual yard you may want to have. It will also be important to determine the ACC guidelines allow the home you have in mind. Your real estate agent and builder can help with this.

The third factor is determining what amenities you would like, for example, a community pool or parks, and more. 

Determining these things should help you narrow the list of potential communities.

The final step is selecting the actual lot. Here is a checklist of concerns you should be aware of

  1. What direction does the lot face?
  2. building lot width?
  3. how well will your home fit on the lot?
  4. Does the community allow for any specifics your home may have? For example basements, detached garage or casita, minimum square footage, and other specifics.
  5. will the driveway and front elevation work on the lot?

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