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Don't exclude outlying areas in your your search for Homes for Sale in Boise Idaho

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Many people start searching for homes in Boise but did you ever think to look just 8 miles farter down the road. You could find more space and spend less money.

The average commute to work in Boise Idaho is 20 minutes. That is not bad compared to many other metro areas but what if yours was 25 minutes. Would it be worth it?

The first thing to consider is the time. Maybe you work many hours a week and getting home as quickly as possible would be worth it to you and your family?

Another point to consider is the enviroment. If you are concious of your impact on the enviroment,  you realize that living closer is better. Of course, if you have green transportation to get around, maybe you can justify it. Maybe you want acreage that you can't get close in.

If you look a little farther out that within the central communities of Boise, Meridian and Nampa you will find that the price of real estate is less and that there is more open space with the less dense population. Places like Star, Middleton, Kuna, Melba and Parma may seem off the beaten path but if you appreciate the country, it is not far away from Boise, relatively speaking!

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