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In retail stores, the name brand item is more expensive and is higher quality. While difference in quality may not be apparent, there are several reasons that buying a home from a recognized builder is a better idea.

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If you buy a home from a person that is an opportunist and not a building company that is developing a reputation as a quality builder what do you get?

One of the first things you get is a knot in your stomach as you hope the home actually is as quality as it seems. What is behind the walls? Where if any did they cut corners?

A building company has people in place to monitor construction and the client experience. They are willing to spend money to make sure that everything works so that they have satisfied clients, develop a reputation a s a quality builder, and that the real estate agents want to bring clients to them.

An opportunist is trying to make money. They don't need to worry about the home, it just has to last until you move in and they are gone. Again, they are trying to make money so cutting corners and putting the cheapest amenities and fixtures is possibly what you will get.

To be fair there are builder out there that only build a couple of homes a year, but they have been doing it for many years. The guy that shows up today to sell a home and is gone tomorrow is much different.

So make sure your building is building your home and is also building a business.

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