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The Benefits of New Homes vs. Used Homes

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Purchasing a home is often the largest financial decision anyone makes. When considering your options, new homes simply make sense, because it's true. They don't build homes like they used to. They build them better

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you get a lot of people who say, oh, they just don't build things they way they used to. Well, and when it comes to housing, things are built better today.

Brian Binash, President, Wilshire Homes: Just like any other industry, as time goes on, technology improves, products improve, processes improve. It's the same thing with home building

Boyce Thompson, Editorial Director, Builder Magazine: They're much more thoroughly engineered than existing homes used to be. Used to be, you know, that people would go by their gut feeling, you know, on how much support they should put in floors and walls. But today, they pretty much have an engineering analysis that tells them exactly what they need to do, and they follow it.

From modern construction techniques that make your home energy-efficient, to creating a home that reflects the way you live, new homes simply offer more.

Brian Binash, President, Wilshire Homes: Homes today are built to higher energy standards. So you buy a new home today, you're going to get something that's going to cost you a lot less to operate than a used home.

Christy Tyner, New Homeowner: My home is absolutely energy-efficient from the last home that I was in. I moved from a home half its size that was about 8 years old. And my energy bill is the same.

Pat Curry, Senior Editor, Builder Magazine: New homes that are being built today are required to have water-saving faucets and water-saving toilets. So you're automatically getting some of the benefits of those increases.

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