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Boise Home Values ebb and flow with supply and demand as well as people's perception of the market. The home values have risen too fast according to some real estate professionals but in an emotional purchase it is easy for this to happen, especially if the people buying the homes have the money?

The Boise Real Estate market has been very active this year and home values continue to rise. Some real estate professionals think the market is a little out of control and that home values are rising too fast. The local market correction is rebounding  too quickly.

The problem is the Boise Real Estate is driven by In-Migration. There are not enough homes for sale and people are buying them quickly. Some points to notice-

  1. Not every home on the market is a great home
  2. When great homes do come on the market there are many people looking at them
  3. The multiple offers "great" homes receive discourages those that are trying to find a home and continually get outbid.

Supplye and demad may be a term for commodities and homes my very well be a commodity but homes are also filled with emotions. It is not like buying oranges or a computer. A home with a great view, beautiful finishes, amenities and other things that create "Need" for the home can drive the prices up if multiple people want it. It is also diffficult to replace or build another one just like, whihc allows home in upper values to fluctuate even more

What can we expect for future home values in Boise IDaho? Well, there is no reason to believe that new residents will stop or even slow down. It has been reported that this October "Best Places to Retire" Magazine will list Boise in the Top 15 places to retire. Many buyers arei coming from California in an effort to escape the state that is less affordable to move to Idaho which also offer more lifestyle!

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