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This is a common search when looking for a new home or deciding to build a home. The answer is quite simple. All homes in Boise Idaho are relative. The value of houses are all relatively the same. New homes are normally a little more expensive though.

The appraiser is the most important person in the value of a home. Their job is to monitor home values so that when they are asked to appraise a home they can determine it's value based on similar homes that have sold in the area.

So if you are researching the cost to build, look at similar houses in the neighborhood or surrounding communities and that is the answer, relatively. If your home is completely custom and you are paying cash other home values will not matter but if you are getting a loan the bank will not allow your home to be disproportionate in value to other homes with similar square footatge, # of bedrooms and so forth.


Posted by tlangford at 8/19/2012 1:24:00 PM
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