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Is your Boise Idaho Dream Home worth it?

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Many people, after committing to moving start looking and dreaming about their new home. One mistake people make is not being realistic about their piece of Boise Idaho Real Estate.

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Four Common mistakes people make when buying a house

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Buying more home then you should.

Planning for the future is one thing but banking on it is another. If you can't afford it today, just wait. What if that promotion does not come through or the bonus? What if they don't pay as expected? In today's world the future is not as clear as it once was. Plus if you purchase a house that is affordable, you may be able to take a better vacation or buy a bigger toy!

Buying a Lifestyle

Many people want ranch or a vinyard because it sounds glamorous but they require work and many times a lot of it. While it may be a great hobby, they can also be expensive. What if the horse gets sick? If you bottle wine to sell, do you have all the paper work and licenses.

Will you use it more than once

Adding a hot tub is a fun idea. It also costs money and requires maintenance. Many people use them a lot the first year, some the second year and by the third year, only on occasion.

The Wrong Floor Plan

Be realistic in your needs. If you are buying the home you expect to stay in until the end, don't buy a two story with the main living area on the second floor. And Don't buy 3 thousand square feet of house to clean by yourself.


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