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While a new building company deserves a chance to build your home, the builder with decades of experience may be invaluable! And don't think that just because they have experience as a superintendent is the same as a business owner.

Choosing the right Idaho Builder

Boise Idaho Custom HomeWhen you are the largest builder in town you get many perks like bulk pricing on on materials and better pricing on service as people know they will get to do it many times. Some people want a more personalized service and care that they know the builder. Most builder understand the value of a relationship with a client and also want to get to know the home buyer.

Home buyers should be aware that when seleting a builder, the relationship is very important but hiring the right guy for the job is very important. If your home has lots of intricate deatils, craftsmanship and you want the highest construction technology available look for experience.

In you selection, you may meet a new company who is anxious to develop their reputation locally. Maybe they have decades of experience in the industry. Just a reminder that it is different to be the builder, than an employee. You would not expect a fast food employee who has done every job to automatically be able to jump into a franchise as an owner. There is still a lot to know when you are the owner and responsible for every detail and all the things that come with it like managing cash flow, employees, negotiating with subcontractors asn so on.

Does this mean that you should not hire a new building company? Not in the least but keep in mind that although they may be less expensive, there is a reason. If you think your home is fairly straight forward and there are few obstacles like building in the Foothills, building in a low water table area, no wetlands and other scenarios where experience would pay off, be smart and move forward. But, if you are building a large luxury home with numerous custom elements like finishes, caprentry and other intricate deatails be cautious.

A building company, as with any business, normally builds up to something rather than doing it right away. You would not hire your family physician to do heart surgery?

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