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For about 5 years there has been very little developing of new subdivisions in Boise Idaho due to the fact that there was an abundance of lots and almost no demand. Are time changing and are developers getting ready to get back to work?

Idaho Developers get Ready to Develop?

Boise Idaho DevelopersThere currently is a lot of lots either developed or ready to be finished but many of the "A" Class building lots are not available to builders. They are either already owned or part of a building team. Since the market has heated back up new companies are trying to get into the market with thelir products and other builders who were waiting for the market to return are back and hungry for lots.

Idaho developers see this opportunity and are getting ready. Lot values are up and still rising, due to demand.

It will be interesting to see where we end up. Competition is good but the demand for lots from builders is skewing "real" lot values. Also, it is my opinion that a bunch of small builders is not good for the overall picture. Big builders are able to offer strong waaranties and stand by them. Small companies that are opportunists will leave home buyers with the bag. Opportunists builders are also only interested in profit so down the road when those corners that were cut start showing, there is nothing for the owner to do.

Big companies are concerned about client satisfaction, reputation and building quality homes- it is just a good business plan.


Posted by tlangford at 8/30/2012 9:54:00 PM
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