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Many new Home Building Companies in Boise Idaho

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The Boise Idaho Real Estate market is strong and new construction is growing. You know what that means? Opportunistic builders are coming back.

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Eagle Idaho New SubdivisionsAs I reviewed permits today it was clear that many builders are in the market and many of them are brand new, or least the campany name is. If you are buying a home from a builder or buildnig a custom home, do you due diligence.

This weeks building permit report summary-
66 building permits
by 31 different home builders
in 37 new Subdivisions

Is the home building company reputable and credible. What is the difference? Some companies changed their name for financial reason since the crash. Some companies are just brand new. How much experience does your builder have? Do they have credible references?

While it can be said that anyone can become a builder, not everyone can build a home. Today's homes are built by numerous trades and suppliers. While the superintendent may be an employee of the company, very few builders actually participate in construction. Several builder in Treasure Valley manage and do custom finish work but most builders manage people and the job.

So be warned! How long have they been in business? Are they a member of the Idaho Building Contractors Association? How many homes have they built in the last 2 years? Can they provide references for the last 5 homes they built? Are they a company, a fly by night builder, a one man show or friends looking to make and extra dollar? Are dealing with a builder who has long term intentions of being a builder and wants to develop a reputaion for quality?

Lean more about Finding a Credible Home Builder.

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