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Boise City Foothills- Get to know them!

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Above the City of Boise rises the Boise Foothills and while they do create a beautiful background for the city, it is more beautiful when you get to know them. Exploring the foothills for wildlife or enjoying some recreational biking bring the foothills to life. An interconnected network of foot, mountain biking and horse trails curve through the hills linking neighborhoods with public lands but also connecting people with the natural environment. There are over 130 miles of trails that run from Northeast Boise to Boise County, there is something for everyone and most any ability.

Boise Foothills

The Boise Foothills are approximately 80,467 acres located in both Ada and Boise Counties to the immediate north of Boise, Idaho. The Foothills project area boundaries include Hill Road and Warm Springs Avenue to the south, State Highway 21 to the east, State Highway 55 to the west, and Boise Ridge Road and the Ada County boundary to the north. The Foothills are characterized as a transition between the valley floor, Boise River, and the coniferous peaks of the Boise Ridge. The overall elevation gain from the valley floor is 3,965 feet, rising from an elevation of 2,610 feet near Hill Road to over 6,575 feet Little Deer Point. The foothills contain important environmental values such as rare plants, wintering range, and riparian corridors. It is also the heart of recreation in the Boise Front and is a critical linkage in the Ridge to Rivers trail system. Private lands in the complex contain 6.5 miles of trail that provide direct access to additional 40+ miles of trails on public lands. View Map

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