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Want to go Biking in the Boise Foothills at Avimor?

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Here is a map and Guide so you can enjoy the Boise Foothills at Avimor. This area offers several abilities and a variety of trail lengths. Mountain Biking in Boise is a great past time and Hobby.


1. Willow Creek Trail: - 3.1 miles. Narrow single track. Several, short, challenging rock sections, bridges, and a tough finishing climb. A great out & back ride, and a very rewarding descent.

2. Dirt Magurt Trail:- 3.5 miles. Dirt road. Several very steep climbs/descents.

3. Powerline Connector: - 7.8 miles. 2 track dirt road. Lots of elevation gain and loss.

4. Bovine Nirvana: - 1.3 miles. Narrow and technically challenging single track. Difficult up and down. Be on your game!

5. Shooting Range: - 2.1 miles. Twisty single track. Moderate climbing, big rewards. Several technical sections with rocks and a steep creek crossing. Connect with Bovine and Willow up to Sheep Rock for a long loop.

6. Cartwright Road: - 1.7 miles. dirt 2 track road. Fairly easy climbing.

7. Knecht Loop: - 3.8 miles. dirt 2 track. Extreme descents and climbs.

8. Whiptail Ridge Trail: - 3.3 miles. Dirt 2 track. Several hard climbs/descent. Good access to reach Sheep Rock.

9. Spring Valley Creek Trail: - 3.5 miles. Flowing single track. Several rock gardens near the bottom. Trail follows Spring Valley creek. One of the best trails in the network.

9a. Twisted Spring Trail: -0.5 miles. Twisty single track on the South side of Spring Valley creek. Good trail for beginners.

10. Burnt Car Draw Trail: - 3.1 miles. 2 track road. One monster climb at the 1.5 mile mark. Future plans to add single track south of the road.

11. Broken Horn Road: - 2.6 miles. Gravel road with access to Hidden Springs neighborhood. Great way to access trail 12.

12. Fisher Lane (Broken Horn Trail): - 2.4 miles. Single track that can be ridden up and down. Recommended: ride down trail 11, up trail 12, and down trail 10 as a loop. 13. Fiddleneck Ridge Trail: - 3.2 miles. Dirt 2 track with several tough climbs.

14. Stack Rock Ridge Trail: - 1.5 miles. Not recommended. Dirt two track that dead ends on private property. Future Stack Rock Connection planned.

15. Baun's Eye Trail: - 1.5 miles Dirt 2 track/single track. This is a great way to experience trail 12 in a shorter configuration. Recommended up or down.

16. Harlow Hollows: -  1.7 miles. Super fun descent, but can be ridden up. Trail follows the ridge line, offering a choice to continue on the ridge or turn left and drop a tight, twisty, exposed, single track that eventually rejoins the ridge trail. Highly recommended for skilled riders.

16a. Harlow Hollow Connector: - 0.9 miles. Exposed, narrow single track with a rock drop.

Always wear a helmet, ride responsibly and with caution, as trail conditions are subject to change and varied degrees of interpretation!

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