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Helpful Hints for dressing up your Boise Idaho homes for sale!

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In a recent edition of Realtor Magazine, we get some useful advice on making the best first impression with the curb appeal of our Boise Idaho Homes for sale.
Melissa Dittman Tracey, writer for Realtor Magazine, wrote in the September/October edition about ways of making sure your curb appeal is being paid attention to when trying to sell your home. It's the first impression that people have when they are walking up to the front door, so make sure it’s a good impression.
1) The front door is the home's focal point. Updating hardware and repainting the door can really make a lasting impression.

2) Windows should be washed inside and out, dress them up with flowers, or even painting shutters and trim a monochromatic pallet that blends with the rest of the house is always suggested.

3) The Garage should be considered just like the front door. Paint if necessary or a new steel garage door runs roughly $1500 and you can recoup roughly 72% of that in the resale.

4) A front porch is "an iconic symbol of American Living". Use chairs and tables to make it inviting.

5) Make sure your driveway is clean, cracks fixed with a patching compound or use Kitty Litter to clean up oil spills.

6) Think about night time, sometimes buyers will drive by homes in the evenings to see how the neighborhood feels so use some strategic low cost lighting to highlight features on your home or in your landscaping.

All these useful tips can be found at RealtorMag.realtor.org

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