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How to choose your builder!

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Let me start by saying that the comments I make here are primarily in regard to 'Custom' home builders, not to be confused with Production or Semi Custom home builders. Although there is some debate over what exactly a "Custom" home is, in regard to this narrative, a Custom home is one which has not been built before, and won?t be built again, Unique, therefore. Clive Culpan

Obviously, the narrative given here is a personal one given by CULPAN & COMPANY, and specifically myself, C. P. Culpan, and therefore biased to some degree, but I hope that in reading this it will ultimately “Make sense!”

In searching for your ideal builder you should first focus on finding 2-3 builders that appear to fit your metrics, through whatever sources you trust. (Personal reference, web site, realtor, etc) Set up an appointment with them and attend the meeting prepared to gather certain information. The following is a list of what we believe is important to learn at that first, very important meeting.

Do you like them! Sounds odd but this is “Hugely” important. You will be essentially married to them for what will likely be 4-8 months. You will be entrusting them with your money and your home, and will be dependant on them for years to come. 

If you don’t hit it off during the meeting, you should probably eliminate them from your candidates. This is a massive investment for you and your family and will likely be your most prized possession.
Compromising here will likely turn out to be a mistake!

You should be asking yourself, (And them) “What am I/we getting from this company?” what services will they provide, what are their expertise, what information are they giving me at this initial meeting about themselves, their company, and their product? How prepared were they for this meeting?
How sure can I be that they have my best interests at heart and not just their profit.
Again, this all sounds pretty obvious, but even similar builders can have a very different skill set and focus. This first meeting is their opportunity to win you over and display the value they bring to the table. You should leave this meeting feeling fairly well informed as to who these people are and what they offer.

What is their experience, how long have they been designing and building homes? Can you see examples of their product, and do you like them?
Experience only comes with the passing of time whilst immersed in ones craft. Do not trust your home to a novice or a sharp tongue.

Clive Culpan
Culpan and Company

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