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Building a Custom Home 101

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In some respect building a custom home is like buying clothes.

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Idaho Cusotm HomeIf you use name brands, you will get a better product. For example, name brand clothing uses better material which is designed to either last longer or use the latest in fashion deisgn. You can see this most easily in the kitchen with the appliances.

Name brand clothing pay attention to the details. For example, a clothing manufacturer may use a button that is shiny or is easier to put into the slit. Similarly, Custom home builders may decorate the home to really differentiate the home from others. This includes things like crown molding, water decorations in the house or as part of the landscaping. It also includes adding smart home features, adding trick elements like a hidden closet or a home theater room.

Name brand clothing also spends money, time and effort concentrating on the brand recognition. For a builder this may include things like have a beautiful website that really exemplifies who they are to the signage they use at the front of the house.

Many retail stores also use name recognition to sell products like Martha Stewart or Macy's who uses a number of pop culture stars to promote shopping at their store. What stores does the custom home builder use? Do they shop at a box store or a boutique shop? Do they hire a specialist or let the in-store designer do it?

Recognizing a custom home builder is not easy because most every builder will tell you they can build a custom home, and they probably can. But, when you are looking for a builder that can not only take what's in your head and put onto a blue priint but also bring the designa and fashion of the home to life that is a cutsom home builder.

The point is that although you can use substitutes, using name brand items is a good  indicator of the quality of the home.

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