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Don't miss trick or treating in the hotspot of Boise, Idaho... Harrison Blvd.

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The best place in Boise Idaho to take your kids for Halloween!  And who doesn't love a great Trick or Treat experience?

Every year homeowners on Harrison Blvd. and the surrounding North End area stock up on sugary snacks and prepare their spooky displays for October 31st. Residents in this historic neighborhood spend hundreds of dollars and plenty of man hours to provide thousands of kids with a safe, fun evening full of memories.
If you are brave (and patient) enough to make your way through the crowds, you can expect to see some incredibly elaborate displays, including an array of carved pumpkins, ghosts, goblins and animated monsters. In 2009 one of the homeowners had a cast of zombies perform the dance from “Thriller” every 10 minutes! As a Boise native, I have experienced the excitement of Halloween on Harrison Blvd several times and have never been disappointed!
This historic Boise neighborhood is also very impressive the rest of the year as well. The North End is full of gorgeous Boise Idaho homes for sale thatwere built in the early 1900’s with amazing architectural style.
Photo From bellswartsandall.blogspot.com
Posted by JessicaD at 10/25/2012 8:00:00 PM

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