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Some helpful safety tips from Core Group Realty!

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Some helpful safety tips for when your fixing up your Boise Idaho Homes for Sale!
Now that summer is gone, most of us are finishing up our yard work for the year. Seems like a great time to start focusing on all of those projects inside the house. Here are a few important safety tips for anyone attempting those DIY home improvement project:
Wear Good Quality Safety Glasses- Why would not’t you want to protect your eyes? More than 1 million eye injuries in the US each year occur at home. Whether you are working with power tools or household cleaners, airborne particulates can cause major damage. Always read safety instructions and if protective eye gear is suggested, make it a habit to put your safety glasses on! Depending on your project, you might want to wear a dust mask as well.
Make Sure Your Ladder is Stable- While ladders are an important part of any DIYer’s life, proper use is a must. Always make sure your ladder is on a level surface. If you are using an A-Frame ladder, make sure it is locked. That “Do Not Step Beyond This Step” warning is there for a reason. Always be aware of your surroundings, aluminum ladders should never be used near electrical wires and never place a ladder in front of a door that swings outwards unless it is locked. If you are uncomfortable with heights, maybe find a new project or hire a reputable handy-man.
Use EXTREME Caution Around Electricity- So many safety tips to remember when dealing with electricity… Did you know that the electrical current in your home is powerful enough to kill you? Now you do. If that is not’t scary enough to deter you from tackling electrical projects, here are some tips worth remembering; Water and electricity DO NOT mix, It’s best to stand on a rubber work mat or wear rubber soled shoes and never stand on an aluminum ladder when working with electricity, Always make sure whatever you are working on does not have electrical current going to it. If you are the least bit unsure about what you are working on, please contact a certified electrician for help.
Do Not Attempt Gas Repairs On Your Own- Always call your local gas company before you start any project or upgrade involving a gas line for help or information. Gas leaks can easily go undetected until it’s too late, hire a professional.
Dress Appropriately- Common sense is key here. You probably should not’t wear flip flops, short shorts, or your finest pearls given to you by your great-grandmother. Wear something comfortably fitting that is covering. If your hair is longer than shoulder length, secure it with a hair tie. Again, common sense, right?
Research, Research, Research- There are so many wonderful resources out there to guide you through home improvement projects, use them. You can find just about any project with detailed instruction and probably even step-by-step videos on-line by searching for key words.
If you have any home improvement projects that you are feeling uncomfortable about handling on your own call a trusted handy-man. If you don’t have a regular go-to-guy for your repairs, Todd Whiting at Creet Services is a great guy to be familiar with. Todd and his team can help with just about any home repair needs! (Please see below for his contact information.) If all else fails, maybe it’s time to start to start looking for a new home…
Todd Whiting
Creet Services, LLC
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