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Review how house values have changed across Ada County, Idaho since 2005. Build Idaho reports by area the bubble, the deflation and the real estate recovery

Ada County, Idaho Home Value Trends

Ada County Idaho Home Values


North Boise

MLS Area 100

North Boise Idaho Home Values

Northeast Boise

MlS Area 200

Northeast Boise Idaho Home Values


Southeast Boise

MLS Area 300

Souheast Boise Idaho Home Values


Boise Bench

MLS Area 400

Boise Idaho Bench Home Values


Southwest Boise

MLS Area 500

Southwest Boise Idaho Home Values


Southwest Boise (Meridian District)

MLS Area 550

Souhwest Boise Idaho Home Values (Meridian District)


West Boise

MLS Area 600

West Boise Idaho Home Values


West Boise (Meridian District)

MLS Area 650

West Boise Idaho Home Values (Meridian District)


Garden City, Idaho

MLS Area 700

Garden City Idaho Home Values


Northwest Boise, Idaho

MLS Area 800

Garden City Idaho Home Values


Eagle, ID

MLS Area 900

Eagle Idaho Home Values


Star, ID

MLS Area 950

Star Idaho Home Values


Southeast Meridian, Idaho

MLS Area 1000

Southeast Meridian Idaho Home Values


Southwest Meridian Idaho

MLS Area 1010

Southwest Meridian Idaho Home Values


Northeast Meridian Idaho

MLS Area 1020

Northeast Meridian Idaho Home Values


Northwest Meridian Idaho

MLS Area 1030

Northwest Meridian Idaho Home Values


Kuna Idaho

MLS Area 100

Kuna Idaho Home Values

Source: Intermountain MLS

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